The Unvarnished Truth: Feedback, October 2012

To evaluate our performance over the past 35 years, we convened a review board, made up of our most dedicated subscribers, and encouraged them to pull no punches. Gulp.

"I still have all my old copies, going back to at least 1994. The funniest thing I ever read in Outside was an excerpt from Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods ('You Gotta Have Friends. Which Is Damned Unfortunate.' April 1998). I subsequently read the book on two occasions and listened to the unabridged version on tape. Today, I still read Outside cover to cover, except for three things. I'm not into fashion, so I don't read the Style section. I have no interest in alpine skiing, so I don't read those stories. And I don't like articles about free-soloing climbers, because I just can't imagine what their families go through when something happens. I mean, how onerous is it really to rope in?"
—Kevin Baldwin, Atlanta, 20-year subscriber

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