The Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 4: A Two Bedroom Tent Fit for a Family

Eggbar_wiOctober solitude on the Rio Chama. Photo: Katie Arnold

Last weekend we went camping on the Rio Chama in northern New Mexico. This wilderness canyon is one of our favorite places in the Southwest, and we figured it would be one of the last warmish weekends of the year. Time to sneak in one final night under the stars before winter.

It was snowing in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains the morning we left, so we debated bringing our 1961 Airstream trailer. We have a tumultuous love/hate relationship with the Airstream. I love it once we get to where we’re going, but Steve hates towing it. Something’s always falling off or breaking, and it’s an absolute bear to get up the driveway. Steve jokingly named it the Broken Capillary after he burst a blood vessel in one eye trying to back it up the gravel hill. In the year and a half since we got it, we've taken it on (mis)adventures in Marfa, Crested Butte, and Colorado, and at some point during every trip Steve threatens to put it on Craigslist.

This time, though, because we were only going for a night, it seemed far simpler to leave the Airstream at home and bring the next best thing: the new Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 4 tent.

Eggbar_wiNot your typical family tent. Photo: Courtesy Big Agnes

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