Tour de France Meets Trials Riding

At the Tour de France route presentation in Paris yesterday, reigning champ Bradley Wiggins surprised the pundits when he said he would likely forgo his title defense at the Grand Boucle next year and instead aim his Pinarello at a Giro d'Italia title. Meanwhile, another famous British cyclist, trials specialist Martyn Ashton, has found an even less likely use for the 2012 Tour-winning bike.

In his latest trials video, Ashton takes on skate parks, scree fields, six-foot drops, and even an abandoned airplane aboard a Pinarello Dogma 2, the same bike that Wiggins used to capture his first Tour title. In and of themselves, the stunts aren't any more or less impressive than what we've come to expect from trials wunderkind Danny Macaskill. But the fact that Ashton pulls them all on 25mm tires impresses us almost as much as, well ... Wiggins' Tour victory.

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