It's a Hard-Knock Life: Bodywork for Active Kids

SS13_M_KiaiII_BlkBlk_TFor life's little scrapes, there are Band-aids; for the hard knocks, there's SourcePoint. Photo: Erika Benson

Earlier this week, I took my daughter to get cranial sacral therapy. Pippa is four and recently hit her head on the concrete floor so hard she threw up. My acupuncturist is the one who suggested it, so I scheduled her for 15 minutes with a local healer and all around miracle worker named Bob Schrei, who has been helping me recover from an ultramarathon a few weeks ago. I’d go first so Bob could Rolf my legs, and then he’d work on Pippa’s head. Does it get any more Santa Fe than that?

Cranial sacral therapy, or CST, is an alternative treatment in which a bodyworker uses a light touch to release tension in your head, neck, and sacrum, and encourage healthy energy flow to the whole body. Because it’s so gentle and non-invasive, it’s used often in kids and babies to treat everything from trauma, colic, autism, and even crooked teeth. Though it’s tough to find scientific evidence of CST’s effectiveness, I’ve been in Santa Fe so long that alternative has become the new normal, and I know plenty of parents who swear by it as a way to treat their kids’ battle scars. Friends of mine have tried CST on their newborns in the days after a difficult birth or C-section and reported their babies breathe more deeply and easily, nurse more efficiently, and sleep more soundly.

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