Expedition Watch: A Solo and Unsupported Ski to the South Pole and Back

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A rough map of Linsdau's route Photo: AaronLinsdau.com

In a Monday blog post, American skier Aaron Linsdau reported from South America on the gear he was packing into Antarctica. One picture stands out. It shows two of his five duffel bags filled with his idea of expedition treasure, blocks of butter wrapped in shiny gold packaging. He carefully guards the stock because "...it’s important to ensure that part if my ration is well taken care of. If the butter were in with the general population, it would be mashed to being unusable and rotten."

The high-calorie treat will make up a third of Linsdau's 6,000-calorie-a-day diet as he skis to the South Pole and back. That translates to three sticks a day. Today, Linsdau blogged that he has reached his Base Camp and plans to set out soon. Here's a bit more on his quest, in case you'd like to follow along.

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