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Sep 30, 2011
Outside Magazine
The Final Custom Design

The Final Custom Design    Photo: Courtesy of Ski Logik

The first design

The first design

The Final Design

The Final Design

I agonized over the graphics for my new ski like an NBA player contemplating a neck tattoo. I enviously considered stealing some of the awesome designs Mariella had created for other SkiLogik clients, but realized it just wouldn’t be the same. What sort of image sent the message of what my skiing stands for? At first I thought of the wolves released in Yellowstone when I’d been living in Wyoming and asked her to design something around that. She sent back this sketch:

The First Design

A solid design that wasn’t too busy, but the wolves looked a little too much like a pack of friendly huskies escaped from doggie daycare. I probably could have asked her to make them a little more menacing, but decided to switch tracks.

I focused on Oregon, where I live, and what makes it unique. I asked Mariella to put a portrait of Mt. Hood on the left with a river flowing off of it into the ocean. There should be salmon in the river and waves in the sea, I said. Here was her take:

The Final Design

I liked that the skis would tell the hydrological cycle, and this rendering seemed just fine. I couldn’t wait to see it built out in wood.

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