The Gear of Tomorrow: Wool Puffies

Jul 17, 2012
Outside Magazine
Wool is looking to give down a

Wool is looking to give down a run for its money    Photo: Living OS/Flickr

Having shed its itchy reputation to become the performance base-layer fabric of choice, wool is now looking to give down a run for its money. SmartWool claims that two of its new jackets, stuffed with a springy wool insulation dubbed SmartLoft, have a higher warmth-to-weight ratio. Ibex, meanwhile, adds a cornstarch derivative called Ingeo to its Wool Aire fill for added durability and volume, making its entire line of insulated apparel machine washable. Ibex claims that its products are more compressible and breathable than synthetic alternatives, while SmartWool professes to regulate temperature more efficiently. Because they keep you warm even when wet, both options are superior to down.


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