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Jackson Hole Ski Resort

   Photo: courtesy, Jackson Hole Ski Resort

DUDE, IT'S LIKE MECCA. If you take sliding around on snow seriously, you'll eventually make a pilgrimage to the Hole. Hardcore types rightfully revere the sick Wyoming vertical, heavy powder showers, and Euro-style open backcountry. Yep, this is the place . . . to pack a shovel, transceiver, probe, and change of underwear.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Rip, rip, rip all you want: The harder and stronger you ride, the more these Tetons throw at you. And once you think you're the master, listen for the laughter coming from the lines that have yet to see a descent.
NUMBER-ONE RUN: You'll find the finest fall-line skiing in the country here, so steel yourself for the best run of the bunch: The Hobacks is 3,000 vertical feet of crazy steeps. Enjoy.
HOT LODGE: When legendary ski mountaineer and cinematographer Rob DesLauriers got sick of living out of his van, he built the new Teton Mountain Lodge, a premium slopeside property with rustic Wyoming written all over it. Just don't let the high-end accommodations and dining fool you; Rob's still a ski bum at heart. (Doubles, $149-$329; 800-801-6615, www.tetonlodge.com)
SOUL PATCH: The Mangy Moose remains Jackson Hole's must-hit saloon. The bleary-eyed crew from Teton Gravity Research, pros decked out in next year's wares, and perma-tan instructors call this place home. But don't fear the locals; just get what they're having.

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