Kiteboarder Rides Powerful Winds During Hurricane Sandy

*UPDATE: I heard from kiteboarder Damien LeRoy via Facebook on Tuesday at 11 Eastern. He included more details about the video, which features kiteboarder Rob Douglas, and the safety precautions taken by his team. I have included those details below. You can also click to watch this Headline News video in which LeRoy talks about the event. Or watch the same video below.

It's hard to view a video of a kiteboarder zipping along in the winds kicked up by a hurricane without thinking of that horrible clip from Florida of a man who was picked up and thrown into a concrete wall during Tropical Storm Fay. Even with videos documenting such violent injuries, and warnings from numerous agencies about the need to exercise caution before violent storms, people will continue to see hurricanes and tropical storms as an opportunity for adventure. The above video appears to be just the latest example.

As people will likely point out in the comments below, athletes who head out into dangerous storm conditions don't just put themselves at risk. If something bad happens, they will further burden already taxed rescue and medical personal.

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