Feedback, November 2012


Many of the search-and-rescue responders who spent countless hours combing the Virginia forests for autistic eight-year-old Robbie Wood Jr. ("Catch Me If You Can," August) also felt compelled to write in about the story. "Being one of the volunteers involved in this search was a very gratifying experienced," commented KarlH. "I am still brought to tears with the realization of how lucky Robbie was that week." The story also hit home for parents of special-needs children. "As a mother of a 14-year-old with Arperger's, I have experienced 'runner' episodes many times," wrote KBrennan. "Kudos to [search-and-rescue expert] Robert Koester for realizing that they needed to handle Robbie differently. It's obvious that Koester's expertise, combined with an array of dedicated volunteers and one amazing man, all combined to bring this young boy home safely."

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