Sidestep the Elements With Nemo's Hunker


While Nemo’s Hunker won't stand up against the toughest conditions, after you’ve been out hiking or skiing all day, it can be rejuvenating to duck out of the wind or weather. Nemo’s Hunker let’s you sidestep the elements quickly and easily so that you can rest, warm up, escape the sun, or just regroup.

The Hunker is a 7.5-ounce shelter that uses a trekking pole (BYO) or tarp pole (sold separately) to give you a 49-inch-high shelter that's big enough for two. With 24 square feet of inside space, it’s just the ticket when the lean-to is far, the trail took some turns you weren’t anticipating, or when you’re in camp and you wish you had an extra vestibule.

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