This Week's Missing Links, November 17

The best articles, videos, and photos I didn't post this week—until now. If you only have time to click on two links, check out "BP Will Plead Guilty and Pay Over $4 Billion," from The New York Times, and "Tunnel Vision," a haunting and thoughtful look at a fatal avalanche, from Outside.

A haunting and thoughtful look at a fatal avalanche
, Outside

Is Lance Armstrong seeking legal reparations? Roopstigo

Bearing witness to a terrifying climbing fall, Adventure Journal

The place to go for anyone looking to get better at ice climbing, San Juan Mountain Guides

Piolet D'or Asia, Explorer's Web

Why you shouldn't bike in front of runners in a race if you're wearing a flourescent jersey, Yahoo

How many near-death experiences does it take to row from London to Istanbul? Outside

How climber Steve House is mentoring the next generation of climbers, Mountain

How surfer Jon Rose is helping after Sandy, Outside

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