Report: IRS Agents Reviewing Livestrong

3890106986_97909c3163_bLivestrong. Photo: Preston Kemp/Flickr

Two people familiar with knowledge of the IRS review process have told Roopstigo reporter Selena Roberts that the government agency is reassessing the non-profit. Though Livestrong said it had not been contacted by the IRS, Roberts points out that notification isn't necessary for a review, and that new information has emerged that might warrant investigation.

In October, Betsy Andreu and Kathy LeMond described to Roopstigo a 2008 email Armstrong had sent to Sen. John Kerry that threatened to use the Livestrong database against the Democratic Party if then-presidential hopeful Barack Obama did not attend the cyclist's cancer summit. Although there is no evidence that Armstrong acted on the ultimatum—Obama was in Germany and did not attend the event—it is against 501(c)(3) regulations for a tax exempt organization to wield political influence either for or against political candidates.

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