The Six-Month Test: GT Zaskar 100 9r Pro

2012 GT Zaskar 100 9er Pro

In recent years, GT Bicycles has been the Rodney Dangerfield of bike brands—they don’t get enough respect. The company continues to roll out hard-working, high-value bikes that are too often overshadowed by marquee brands.

Case in point: the Zaskar 100 9r Carbon Pro. This four-inch, full carbon XC 29er measures up favorably to similarly minded bikes on the market (think Trek Superfly 100 or Niner Jet9 RDO), but when it was introduced earlier this year it was overshadowed by sister company Cannondale’s splashy launch of the Scalpel 29er. That’s too bad because, while the Zaskar 100 will serve a slightly different consumer than the Scalpel and other pure race bikes, for the right rider, the Zaskar 100 9r is absolutely worth a look.

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