A Video Ode to Bike Designer Alex Moulton

"One must always go back to the fundamentals. And get your face out of the computer."

So said Alex Moulton, an engineer and the designer of a handmade, small-wheeled steel bike with rubber suspension, who died this past Sunday. He was 92. The Brit first built a Moulton bike more than 50 years ago, designing a prototype that in 1959 Raleigh refused an offer to buy. They said the new bike wouldn't sell. So Moulton began his own factory. Eventually Raleigh made a similar frame and Moulton sold the company to them. Later, Moulton bought back his patents. Since then, cyclists have used Moultons to pedal to work in England, to ride across New Zealand, and to journey 6,000 miles through China.

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