Picture of the Week: Stroller Camping!

Photo 4Photo: Sam Moulton

When my colleague and friend, Outside’s executive editor Sam Moulton, emailed this photo to me, I was pretty sure I was looking at the birth of a new adventure sport: sidecountry stroller camping! Like backpacking with kids—only less lugging, more rolling. Sam and two pals—Outside editor Chris Keyes and architectural designer Jonah Stanford—wheeled off with six kids, a pile of gear, and two strollers into the Sangre de Cristo mountains above Santa Fe. Here’s the story, in his words:

It was early September, and we wanted to take the kids camping. Our initial idea was car camping, but Jonah’s kids are older [eight and five] and they have their own packs. My son, Beck, was 14 months at the time and Lily was 3 1/2, so I wasn’t sure how far I’d get carrying them and all our gear. That's when we started talking—what if we loaded up the strollers and went somewhere flat and pioneered a kind of sidecountry stroller camping?

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