Pro Tips: Timmy Duggan

The Colorado-based road-race champion logs much of his winter mileage indoors. Here's how he makes trainer time count.

Jan 1, 2013
Outside Magazine

Duggan becomes the national champion.    Photo: Casey B. Gibson

1. Create a dedicated space for your indoor work. "Leave everything ready to ride," Duggan says. "If you have to set up and tear down, you're less apt to do it."

2. Focus on intensity by doing intervals. "Riding a trainer can be torturous, so you need to get quality over quantity."

3. Have fun. "Watch a movie and do an interval every time some prescribed event happens," Duggan counsels.

4. Mix it up. "Often I'll combine a trainer workout with another activity like ski touring or snowshoeing. By hopping on the trainer for an hour after something else, your body thinks it just did a four-hour ride."

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From Outside Magazine, Dec 2012

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