Picture of the Week: Arroyo Sledding

SKI6247Five-year-old William "rides the bump." Photo: Peter Sullivan

We had a dry start to winter here in Santa Fe, but by the time this picture was taken, on December 29, there were four inches of snow most everywhere in town. Just not on this sunny, south-facing arroyo, where Peter Sullivan spent the afternoon with his four boys and their pal, Pippa, inventing a new and somewhat suspect sport: dirt tobogganing. And getting totally filthy in the process.

SAYS PETER: We didn't have any destination. We were just going for a walk on the trails behind the house [where we were staying]. The arroyo is part of the city's green space, and the kids just spontaneously crawled down into it. It's steep enough that it's more of a ravine than an arroyo. At first, they climbed up five feet and slipped down, almost by accident. You could see them thinking, "That was fun!" Then they went up 20 feet and slid down, and kept doing it over and over. The dirt was soft. There was no snow. At one point, Liam scrambled up an outcropping and jumped off. I was like, Oh God.

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