Gear Institute's 2012 Women's Snowboard Reviews: Never Summer Lotus

The Never Summer Lotus is a directional-shaped, women’s-specific snowboard built for intermediate riders who spend the majority of their time on steeps and in trees (freeriding)

Jan 9, 2013
Outside Magazine

Never Summer Lotus.    Photo: Never Summer

    •    Snappy edge-to-edge response.
    •    Solid hold on ice.
    •    Durable.
    •    Responds with power when ridden hard.
    •    Light swing-weight.

    •    Lacked pop (not park-friendly).
    •    Squirrelly in cut-up snow.
    •    Not as floaty as we hoped.

The best thing about this board is its control. It has lightning-fast edge-to-edge transitions, an extra-thick damping system which smoothed out most chunky snow, and great stability at top speeds, though it is lackluster in powder. Intermediates found the board stiff in a good way, earning it “confidence-inspiring” merit, but advanced riders would’ve liked even more. It’s a board that will suit riders moving up from intermediate to advanced.

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