The Top Women's Snowboard Jackets of 2013: Patagonia Rubicon Rider

In the first installment of her new The Adventuress column, Ali Carr Troxell, who has over 16 year of snowboarding under her belt, reveals her favorite jackets for the current snow season

Jan 10, 2013
Outside Magazine

Patagonia Rubicon Rider Jacket.    Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia

While some testers equated the Rubicon to the Michelin Man when it came to puff-factor, they were reveling in its warmth on single-digit December nights in Banff, Canada. “It was similar to wrapping myself in a down comforter,” one tester commented. “I generated enough heat just from walking around at night that I had to open the pit zips.”

While the Rubicon might feel as plush as down, it’s actually stuffed with 150 grams of Patagonia’s synthetic Thermogreen insulation—a compressible, mostly recycled polyester—which means, should it get wet, it’ll stay warm, unlike down. The jacket’s face fabric, a water-repellant softshell, added a lot of stretch for movement on the slopes and the sizable chest pocket earned it points—it was large enough to hold a pair of goggles.

With as many features as the Kamoda, like a removable powder skirt, an internal glove stash, and a media port, but not quite as much waterproofing, this was our go-to for cold weather outings in dry locales.

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