5 Simple Green Resolutions From a 9-Year-Old Eco Blogger

Here at Raising Rippers, we’re trying to be a little less digital and a little more analog-conscious this year, so it was with some trepidation that we stumbled upon callmehannah.ca, an eco-blog written by a nine-year-old Canadian girl named Hannah Alper. Since launching her site last June, the fourth-grader from Toronto has racked up more than 100,000 pageviews and been called the future of social media.

SKI6247Also on her to-do list. Photo: Courtesy of callmehannah.ca

But when you’re nine and fielding interview requests and making appearances on national TV, how do you find time for old-fashioned kid stuff? “I do karate and I still play with my frriends and go for bike rides when it's nice outside,” says Hannah, who must have some mad time-management skills because she also does homework, organizes penny drives at school—the last one raised 97,500 pennies, enough to give 39 children clean water for life—and writes two posts a week (her parents OKed the idea on the condition that they vet and edit each post before it goes live).

Her latest: New Year's resolutions for being greener at home. Hannah may already have some pretty big expectations to live up to, but this post is filled with lots of simple, practical ideas for creating positive change in 2013. “Every little thing that we each do will add up to make a huge difference in the world,” says Hannah, who wants to be an activist when she grows up. Try these yourself, and share them with your kids.

—Katie Arnold

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