Double Agents: Craig dos Santos

A new breed of hyperfit techies is taking over in the Bay Area. They launch startups and run ultras. They write code and race triathlons. They pitch ideas to VCs while kiteboarding. Sleep? Not so much.

May 8, 2013
Outside Magazine

Craig dos Santos    Photo: Jake Stangel

Long before minimalist shoes altered the running landscape, Craig dos Santos, 31, made his own. “I used to put my shoes in the oven to heat them up so I could remove the middle layer of padding,” says the former Rice University cross-country and steeplechase competitor. In 2011, he founded Andover Games, which produces mobile apps for clients like National Geographic. These days, he runs in Golden Gate Park before work and fits in the occasional marathon, ultra, or century ride. “Being an endurance athlete and an entrepreneur both put you at the edge of self-discovery,” he says. “In sports, you’re optimizing the way your body works. As an entrepreneur, you’re optimizing business efficiency. Things are constantly changing in both arenas.”

Style Credts: Ludlow cotton jacket ($278) and Slim pants ($148) by J.Crew; ­Amicable Zack ­Sylvain shirt by ­Theory ($185); Minimus 10v2 Trail shoes by New Balance ($110)

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