Double Agents: Jessica Shambora

A new breed of hyperfit techies is taking over in the Bay Area. They launch startups and run ultras. They write code and race triathlons. They pitch ideas to VCs while kiteboarding. Sleep? Not so much.

May 8, 2013
Outside Magazine

Jessica Shambora    Photo: Jake Stangel

Jessica Shambora, 32, marketing communications manager at Facebook, has raced in five half-Ironmans and five marathons, including Boston in April. Along the way, she’s learned to take advantage of the company’s casual atmosphere to squeeze in her workouts. “I’ve taken to wearing exercise clothes to work so that I can get out for a run,” says Shambora. She’s not alone: her boyfriend, an engineer at the company, is an ultrarunner, and they both train with coworkers, Shambora as part of Facebook’s triathlon team. In June, she’ll compete in her first full Ironman, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the culmination of six months of preparation that she’s been chronicling on—you guessed it—a Facebook page:

Style Credits: Dress by Bar III ($79); Minimus 10v2 Trail shoes by New Balance ($110)

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