Double Agents: Jeremy Weinman

A new breed of hyperfit techies is taking over in the Bay Area. They launch startups and run ultras. They write code and race triathlons. They pitch ideas to VCs while kiteboarding. Sleep? Not so much.

May 8, 2013
Outside Magazine

Jeremy Weinman    Photo: Jake Stangel

For Jeremy Weinman, 35, triathlete and director of operations at Dodocase, which produces handmade tablet, phone, and laptop cases, the link between the tech industry and racing is the challenge of the unknown. “When you’re running a marathon or out on an Ironman course, you have to be ready for the unexpected—dehydration, a flat tire, weather, injury,” says Weinman, who finished the 2011 Canada Ironman in just under 12 hours. In tech, adaptability is essential for success, which is part of the reason Dodocase assembles its cases in San Francisco. “It keeps operations flexible and allows us to respond more efficiently to new products,” says Weinman.

Style Credits: Ludlow Japanese seersucker jacket by J.Crew ($248); Dover Point shirt by Theory ($125); Sodium Taper jeans by All Saints ($145); Minimus Hi-Rez shoes by New Balance ($110)

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