Double Agents: Jason Shen

A new breed of hyperfit techies is taking over in the Bay Area. They launch startups and run ultras. They write code and race triathlons. They pitch ideas to VCs while kiteboarding. Sleep? Not so much.

May 8, 2013
Outside Magazine

Jason Shen    Photo: Jake Stangel

The true reason so many tech geeks are drawn to endurance sports? “It’s the data,” says Jason Shen, 27, cofounder of Ridejoy, a social network that connects drivers and passengers so they can share the cost of road trips. “There’s so much that can be analyzed: distance, speed, elevation.” An elite college gymnast—he was captain of Stanford’s 2009 NCAA championship team—Shen is now a committed runner. He also concocts monthlong fitness challenges for himself—say, most handstand pushups (25)—and documents his efforts on his blog, the Art of Ass-Kicking.

Style Credits: Window Slim jacket ($240) and pants ($120) by Stafford; Sylvan shirt by Theory ($225); PureDrift shoes by Brooks ($100); pocket square by Banana Republic ($25)

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