The Weirdest Cycling Fuels: Peanut Butter & Nutella Sandwich

Bored of the bar? Go faster and save money with these unusual race-day foods.

May 23, 2013
Outside Magazine

A tasty mix.    Photo:Michael Wifall

Not everyone can manhandle a sandwich while racing down a mountain pass, but going for real food during long training rides can provide the ideal mix of macronutrients “preventing that big sugar rush by giving your body a number of things to break down at different rates for a continuous source of energy,” Sims says.

One of her favorites: A salty take on a childhood staple, the PB&J. Ditch the whole wheat bread for simple white bread—it has less GI-distress-causing fiber—and coat one slice of bread with Nutella and the other with your favorite nut-butter spread. Then, sprinkle a dash of salt between the slices. “It’s a sustained fuel for when you don’t want or need quick hits of sugar,” says Sims. It’s also delicious.

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