How to Master the Flick

Feb 15, 2012
Outside Magazine

For when your classic backhand just won't cut it    Photo: Outside Magazine

Your classic backhand throw is great for less intense sessions that may or may not involve doobie and bare feet. But in the hard-charging realm of ultimate Frisbee, the full-field forehand, or flick, is king. Josh "Zip" Ziperstein has won college ultimate's version of the Heisman, a national championship while at Brown University, and a gold medal at the World Games, so we asked him how he gets 175 grams of plastic to make like a thunderbolt flung off Mount Olympus.

GRIP: Place pointer and middle fingers on inside rim of disc, ring and pinkie along outside rim. Grip topside edge with thumb. Extend middle finger and press firmly against ridgeline between inside rim and flat bottom. Press pointer firmly against middle finger.

PIVOT, SET, AND WIND-UP: Step out laterally, with leg on throwing side bent at knee. Bring disc behind stabilized body with arm cocked, poised to release, like an open tennis forehand.

THROW: Quickly and fluidly bring disc forward, parallel to ground. Snap wrist upon release, as elbow straightens and disc moves past hip. For extra power and distance, step slightly forward with throwing leg, rotating hips away from throwing arm.

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