How to Reach Out Anywhere

Feb 15, 2012
Outside Magazine

This technology just ain't gonna cut it anymore    Photo: Daniel Catt/Flickr

Sometimes it takes more than a cell signal: Climbing in Europe and you want to keep up with that lass who offered to show you around Prague? You need a phone with GSM (Global System for Mobile), like Motorola's new Motorizr Z3. You also need Telestial's Explorer SIM Card, with free incoming calls in 43 countries, plus just 55¢ per minute for outgoing calls.

(1) Doing business in China but need to be in e-mail and phone contact with offices in New York and Milan? You need a quad-band, GSM-enabled PDA, like BlackBerry's 8800, which comes with built-in GPS and an expandable 64MB memory.
(2) Sea-kayaking off Chile when an iceberg sinks your boat? You need Iridium's 9505A SATELLITE PHONE.
(3) Trekking to Everest Base Camp and you want to post a video on YouTube ... of that very drunk Czech making snow angels? You need the HIGH ALTITUDE PACKAGE: PDA, sat phone, camera, chargers, and cables in a durable carry-all case (

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