Big State, Bite-Sized Trails

Sure, it’s the biggest state in the union. But that doesn’t mean every adventure in Alaska has to be an expedition. These six day-hike-friendly trails will give you a taste of the Last Frontier’s wild beauty and still get you back in time for last call.

Jun 29, 2013
Outside Magazine
alaska northern lights hiking

   Photo: Pi-Lens/Shutterstock

Rugged terrain, frigid temps, formidable rivers and giant grizzlies lurking around every bend: Everything about Alaska’s wilderness screams “epic.” But remote though the state may be, not every hike here demands an Iditarod-like effort. These six conveniently-located trails let you take in Alaska’s beauty in bits by packing gorgeous views and and wildlife into the space of just a few miles. Another bonus: They’re all runnable (though not all easy). Put on your mosquito spray and get going.


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