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Jul 23, 2013
Outside Magazine
Chain-L bike chain oil

   Photo: Courtesy of Chain-L

Made in small batches, like a nano brew or fine bourbon, Chain-L is the most tenacious, least-inclined-to-get-dirty bicycle chain lube made. High viscosity, it sinks deeper into a chain’s rollers than other lubes. That’s why the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team swears by it, and during the spring rains of this year’s Tour of California, pro-mechanics and riders alike were doing whatever they could to get their hands on it. It makes loud drivetrains quiet, and quiet drivetrains “black ninja of death silent,” according to one fan.

Most chain lubes you need to reapply every ride. This one lasts around 1000 miles on a road bike. And in bad conditions, it holds up. Heads up snowbikers—this stuff is for you too. Chain-L works well down to -40°F. Swing by a Chain-L dealer for a free dose, or trust us and just buy a bottle at a shop or online.

Available now, $12/4 oz

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