Pocket-Sized Solutions: Toko Care Line Eco Wash

Don’t sweat the small stuff, but be sure to bring it along.

Jul 23, 2013
Outside Magazine
toko eco wash

   Photo: Courtesy of Toko

Built by the same chemists who have worked for 30 years to repel dirt and water from the bases of skis, Toko’s new technical fabric wash uses formulas used in ski wax re-engineered for clothing. Through a partnership with Schoeller Fabrics, Toko fine-tuned the chemistry necessary to keep hydrophobic and waterproof breathable fabrics like Gore-Tex working, while also making them and other clothes you might need to wash out in the sink looking and smelling clean and fresh. Toko did it without dyes, bleaches, whiteners, or phosphates.

And Eco Wash will work on your cotton boxers, your polyester tee, wool socks, or your Lycra bike shorts as well as your waterproof breathable jacket, returning all to optimal performance, using biodegradable materials. And, you can fly with these packets even if you’re not checking a bag. Bonus: works great in cold water.

Available now, $3 per sachet

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