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Easy Campfire Desserts: Bananas Foster

Easy Campfire Desserts: Bananas Foster

Choice is good. Here are three outdoorsy desserts that may jazz you more than the obligatory roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate squeezed between graham crackers.

It’s stupid-easy to flambé (flame) food: Cook it, pour on booze, lean back and light, listen to people go “ooh” and say you’re a genius. Prepared outdoors, bananas flambé, aka Foster, has immense wow power. This is one is simpler than standard recipes.

You need:

Brown sugar, cinnamon (optional)
A saute pan that will survive a couple of rounds on a fire or grill
Plates, bowls, spoons
Butane lighter

Have the lighter and an ounce-and-a-half of rum poured out in a cup ready and close. Heat butter in pan. Peel and split bananas lengthwise and drop in pan, lightly browning them on both sides. Sprinkle on optional sugar and cinnamon. Take pan off fire/grill, set it down, pour on rum, and immediately (before alcohol boils off) light. Careful, flames can whoosh way up. Serve while still sizzling, as-is or with ice cream.

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