Safe Drinking Water: UV Light

Don't touch that stream water until you've used at least one of these methods

Aug 29, 2013
Outside Magazine
safe drinking water camping wilderness hiking water treatment boiling camelbak all clear water treatment

   Photo: Brian Green/Flickr

How it works: An ultraviolet light irradiates organisms in about 90 seconds. Usually all it requires is the press of a button.

Pros: The fastest solution available, and it doesn’t add chemicals to your drink.

Cons: Battery dependent, more fragile than other options, and it only cleans the water that the UV light can reach. A UV light for camping can treat about a liter at a time. And it won’t work in murky water.

What you need: Steripen Ultra is a pen style UV light. Camelbak All Clear incorporates the UV light into the cap of the bottle.

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