Young Blood: Kyle Field

8 rising stars under 15

Aug 31, 2013
Outside Magazine
kyle field kayaking

   Photo: Jolin Bevin

AGE: 13
SPORT: Kayaking

Kyle Field began kayaking when he was 8. Five years later, he’s a member of the Gig Harbor Canoe & Kayak Racing Team, which just won the national championships in Oklahoma City. Field, whose competition was mostly older than him, won the 200-meter Bantam race. He says the event was his best race to date. “He was a favorite for the 1,000-meter race as well, although a storm destroyed the venue the evening before his race,” says his mother, Lynnette Field.

Keeping up with the older kids has never been a problem for Field. In fact, that’s what motivates him to go faster. “It is fun to compete with my older friends, seeing if I can stay up with them,” says the Washington native. “I have a great group of friends who I really appreciate. “

Field trains year-round. “I have to train in the cold and rain,” he says. “Sometimes this is fun, sometimes it is hard.” Field hopes his dedication will pay off in the long run. “My long-term goals are to race at Junior Worlds and then at the Olympics,” he says. “I’ve seen my brother and friends achieve some of these things, and I know I can do it, too.”

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