Young Blood: Jameson Simms

8 rising stars under 15

Aug 31, 2013
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Jameson Simms

AGE: 14
SPORT: Cycling

Jameson Simms has been riding bikes for half his life. “I began mountain biking at the age of seven with my family,” he remembers. “We started biking at Montgomery Bell State Park; at first the terrain was tough, but my dad never let me give up.”

As those 20 miles around the Tennessee park became easier, Simms, then 10 years old, decided he wanted to start racing. Again, his dad played a motivating role, taking him out on 60-mile gravel grinders on a 'cross bike.

By 13, Simms was training more than 100 miles per week and racing road bikes for his local bike shop team. This year, he’s completed about 30 races to date, including the Tennessee state championships, in which he won the TBRA Jr 10-14 road and mountain races. He also competed in USA Cycling Junior Road Nationals and plans to race this fall with the Tennessee High School Cycling League.

“I hope to race bikes at the collegiate level,” he says. “And maybe pro level one day; my goal is just to keep riding and see how far it takes me.”

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