The Body Reborn: 5-6

Jun 1, 2006
Outside Magazine
Summer Fitness Guide

   Photo: Photographs by Monte Isom

Summer Fitness Guide


WORKING WITH A SIX-POUND rubber (and therefore bouncy) medicine ball through these rotations and throws will strengthen your core, develop dynamic flexibility, increase your range of motion, refine coordination, build force-absorption strength, and boost explosive power. Remember to keep your eyes on the ball and let your trailing heel turn freely.

WHATEVER the athletic pursuit, superior agility and focus will set you apart. Ladder drills—using a simple ten-rung ladder grid laid out on the ground—hone both. Do 3-4 reps of each, keeping your feet close to the ground and stepping lightly. TOP GEAR: Agility Ladder Basic, $40;

6A) ONE-IN: Run through, placing one foot inside each box.
6B) TWO-IN: Run through the ladder, placing both feet inside each box.
6C) LATERAL TWO-IN: Facing perpendicular to the ladder, shuffle through sideways, placing both feet in each box. Alternate left and right on approach.
6D) IN/IN OUT: Standing to the left of the first box, place your right foot, then left, inside; step to the right side of the box with your right foot, step forward into the next box with your left, and then place your right there as well; then, with your left foot, step out of the box to the left; continue through.

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