The Most Extreme Summer Sports: Wingsuit BASE Jumping

Not all of these extreme sports may actually kill you, but the imminent sense of death they instill is what makes them so thrilling, and makes us unable to look away

Aug 7, 2013
Outside Magazine

Wingsuit BASE jumping    Photo: Evgeniya Moroz/Shutterstock

Dangerous Malfunctions

The exact number of BASE-related fatalities is unknown, but estimates put the number above 200, with wingsuit malfunctions as one of the primary causes of death.

Amongst the many perils of non-motorized human flight: failure to deploy parachute, cord break, power line entanglement, drowning, and proximity flying (the shooting of narrow cliff gaps that makes for incredible GoPro footage, and has contributed to as many as five deaths by wingsuit).

Those seeking their own R. Kelly moment (I can fly!) should first consult the fatality statistics of Blinc Magazine, an online BASE jumping resource. Because while floating free fall is undoubtedly an unnerving endeavor, so is reading about all the ways it can end—badly.

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