The Most Extreme Summer Sports: Saltwater SUP Fishing

These sports aren't necessarily deadly, but they certainly instill an imminent sense of death—which is what makes them so thrilling and why we can't look away.

Aug 7, 2013
Outside Magazine
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Saltwater SUP fishing    Photo: Michael Baird

Dragged to Sea

While fishing, boarders can be dragged out to sea—up to six miles, in some cases.

The bird of prey circles high above the water’s surface, waiting for fish before casting with its claws and beak. The same notion applies to SUP fisherman, who often perch atop a cooler or stool to gain a greater vantage of the species lurking below. As SUP anglers have gained confidence casting from their boards, they’ve begun baiting the monsters that lurk beyond the coastline.

In 2008, Carl Schroderer hooked a Marlin from his SUP board, briefly allowing the giant fish to tow him around before cutting it free. And in 2012, Captain Lance Moss captured a 65.8-pound sailfish in route to winning a Destin, Florida, fishing tournament. The feisty sailfish dragged Moss six-miles out toward the deep, requiring a two-plus hour paddle home. The irony to Moss’s impressive catch? He was initially trying to hook a shark.

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