The Most Extreme Summer Sports: BMX Lake Jumping

These sports aren't necessarily deadly, but they certainly instill an imminent sense of death—which is what makes them so thrilling and why we can't look away.

Aug 7, 2013
Outside Magazine

BMX lake jumping    Photo: TommySuperStar

Few Known Fatalities

While fatal stunts are rare in the BMX lake jumping world, a top British rider died in 2008 after diving into shallow water.

It’s simple, right? Bike, plus speed, plus ramp, plus water equals mad air, sick tricks, and a refreshing dip. All true, expect for all those epic BMX lake jumping fails. The prospect of a soft(ish) landing tends to entice those people who’re ill-equipped to take flight onto the seats of flotation aided BMX bikes. While pedaling up to speed, their arms shake and their legs go weak. Often, they eat shit before even reaching the ramp. Other rookies risk getting body slammed by thirty-plus pounds of spikey bike parts. But for the true BMX pros, a bike propelled leap without fear of landing is one of the pure joys of summer.

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