The Most Extreme Summer Sports: Cycle Speedway Racing

These sports aren't necessarily deadly, but they certainly instill an imminent sense of death—which is what makes them so thrilling and why we can't look away.

Aug 7, 2013
Outside Magazine

Cycle speedway racing   

Here, we have a cinder track, 90 meters long (or, less than one-quarter the length of a running track.) We have four competitors riding modified cruiser bikes—equipped with freewheels, but no brakes. We have a full contact event, with racers skidding through turns, shouldering and swerving to prohibit passing, and frequently crashing in mass pile-ups. We have a winner, when one of them crosses the line after just four breathtaking laps. Here, we have the nearly 100-year-old officially sanctioned British discipline of cycle speedway racing. It’s no wonder the nation that thought up this wild sport now dominates the Tour de France.

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