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Cycling Shootout: 4 Winter Weather Tops

With the first snow of the season on the ground, we’ve turned to our favorite cold-weather pieces to keep us in the saddle.

Cycling Shootout: 4 Winter Weather Tops

I returned last week from two months in Africa and was rudely met by sub-freezing temps and piles of snow. My first inclination was to hang up the bike.

This happens every year. Winter arrives and, after nine blissful months of warm-weather riding, it’s hard to find the motivation to get out. The good news, however—and what takes me a bit to remember at the beginning of each winter season—is that apparel has become so advanced that you don’t have to be uncomfortable when it’s frigid.

Here are a few of the best new pieces we’ve found for keeping warm in the saddle. You don’t need them all, naturally, but one of these high-quality garments can mean the difference in whether or not you get out and ride.

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