Fyxation Leather Six Pack Caddy

Carry your beer in style.

Fyxation Leather Six Pack Caddy

Carry your beer in style with the Fyxation Leather Six Pack Caddy.

Made from Midwest-sourced full-grain leather and riveted in Fyxation’s Milwaukee workshop, the Leather Six Pack Caddy is your new tool for getting from the house to the party with panache. 

Riding or walking with a sixer in a paper bag has its obvious hazards, but these are concerns you won’t have to think about again thanks to Fyxation. The leather carrier fastens to your bike’s top tube and seat tube, keeping the beer safe and away from your pedals.

The caddy also has a leather strap handle so you can carry the beer to the neighbor’s barbeque in style. Prefer the grape to hopped barley? Fyxation makes a Wine Caddy, too.


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