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9 Car Camping Upgrades

Turn your campsite into a first-rate base camp

9 Car Camping Upgrades

The Barebones Safari Tent houses eight people and feels like the height of camping luxury. Photo: Courtesy of Barebones

Despite what some preppers might have you to believe, the most popular form of camping in the U.S. has nothing to do with eating bugs or building your own makeshift shelter. That’s right: most of us will drive right up to our campsite this summer with all our gear stowed in the trunk. And hey, you’re not roughing it, so why not go the extra mile to turn that site into a luxurious base camp? The following nine products will help.

Thule Sonic XL Box ($630)

If you’re going car camping, you’ll likely need a cargo box to haul all that gear. This box from Thule is about seven feet long, 35 inches wide, and 17 inches high. It opens on either side of the vehicle making for easy access, and the nose dips down to help with aerodynamics. The Sonic comes with a locking system that won’t let you remove the key unless the box is closed completely.

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