Is the EarthRoamer XV-LT the Most Ridiculous RV Ever Made?

Or is this $280,000 splurge the ultimate off-road rolling home?

Jun 10, 2014
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EarthRoamer XV-LT    Photo: EarthRoamer

For true adventurers, the traditional RV is the epitome of “blah.” There’s nothing exciting about a boring-to-drive, boxy vehicle that’s limited to campsites that are little more than glorified parking lots.

But there are other vehicles out there that can double as the ultimate base camp. Take the EarthRoamer XV-LT—which is a bit like a five-star hotel merged with an off-road truck.

Starting with a Ford F-550 chassis, the Colorado-based team at EarthRoamer converted the heavy-duty truck platform into a luxury off-road camper. Through efficient use of space, they managed to pack a huge list of features into the XV-LT. Better yet, they did it all elegantly with few off-road performance compromises.

  Photo: EarthRoamer

You want granite countertops? No problem. A stainless-steel refrigerator and freezer? Of course. The XV-LT also comes with a microwave (how else would you make popcorn to eat while you watch movies on the 32-inch HD TV with Bose 5.1 surround sound?) and a hot-water shower.

  Photo: EarthRoamer

And naturally, there’s heating, air conditioning, and a king-size bed. It all runs generator-free off of an internal battery bank that’s kept topped up with a 660-watt solar-panel array.

  Photo: EarthRoamer

But while the EarthRoamer’s bourgeoisie interior is a serious bonus, you’re ultimately buying this vehicle for its off-road capabilities. Thankfully, the options for off-road travel customization are just as plentiful as the ones for interior design.  

  Photo: EarthRoamer

If the 37-inch standard tires aren’t enough for you, EarthRoamer offers a 41-inch, aggressive military-spec tire that’s paired with an off-road air suspension system. If you’re worried about getting into trouble on the road, you can install front and rear electric winches that let you self-recover the vehicle.

  Photo: EarthRoamer

You will pay the price for this backcountry luxury. The price tag for an EarthRoamer XV-LT starts around $280,000, and rapidly goes up depending on the options you add. So it’ll cost you roughly the same as a Lamborghini, but hey, you can’t take the latter camping.

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