Salewa Speed Ascent

A breakthrough combination of extreme rocker and attention to detail

Aug 7, 2014
Outside Magazine

Salewa's Speed Ascents are great for downhill running, and improving your stride.    Photo: Fabio Dell'Oglio

The Salewa Speed Ascents aren't the first rockered athletic shoes we've seen.

Hokas and Pearl Izumi's EM series already proved the shape makes sense for running. But the Speed Ascents offer the most extreme rocker to date combined with slew of smart performance details, including a double-row lacing system that has an insane 28 loops to lock in your fit for downhilling.

Just like rockered skis feel like cheating in powder, cambered shoes give you a mechanical advantage by encouraging your foot to move in a more fluid, circular, stride once you have gotten used to them.


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