Vipukirves Leveraxe 2

The axe, reinvented.

Vipukirves Leveraxe 2

We've been using axes for thousands of years, but the basic concept hasn't changed much. You have an axe head and a handle. Simple, right?

Well, yes, but that doesn't mean the tried-and-true design can't be improved. The folks at Vipukirves designed the original Leveraxe almost a decade ago. It uses leverage to make chopping wood easier and safer. As you swing down, the stainless steel axe both cuts the wood and pushes it apart thanks to the off-center shaft. Result: you expend less force to split the log. 

The first Leveraxe was so popular, the company just created its version 2.0, which is lighter than its predecessor, but just as powerful.


Filed To: Outdoor Skills, Finland, Tools, Accessories, Design and Tech, Gear

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