When It's Too Flat for Surfing, Free Dive

Waimea Bay, Hawaii

Sep 5, 2014
Outside Magazine
underwater photography north shore hawaii waimea bay surfing

   Photo: Morgan Maassen

It was too rainy to shoot skateboarding. And it was also dead-flat, so surfing was out. But neither I nor my friend Evan Mock, a young professional skateboarder and surfer, are fans of just sitting around. So Mock threw on his mask and fins for a free dive in front of his house in Waimea Bay, Hawaii. While I was blown away by his ability to free dive, it was the colors of the cloudy day and the relaxed nature of our friendship that got me to take this picture. Evan was goofing around, swimming upside down, and I flipped my underwater camera upside down, too.

TOOLS: Nikon D4, 16mm, 1/400 second, f/5.6, ISO 250

Filed To: Snorkeling

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