Kormaran 3-in-1 Watercraft

Unleash 493 horses on the water with this versatile transformer.

Kormaran 3-in-1 Watercraft

Monohull, catamaran, trimaran, or sun-deck, on command. Photo: Courtesy of Kormaran

Behold the transformer you never knew you needed. The Kormaran combines a monohull, catamaran, trimaran, and sun-bathing platform in a single sleek, carbon-fiber package. It’ll even transform while moving thanks to its pair of hydraulic-operated hulls.

The 23-foot-long luxury yacht, powered by a 493-horsepower triple jet drive, can hit a top speed of 44 mph and has a range of 108 nautical miles at that top speed. The Kormaran's foldout hydrofoils allegedly reduce water resistance up to 80 percent, making for a smooth, fast, gas-efficient ride.

The Austrian company didn’t skimp on high-quality materials either. The boat is comprised of carbon, titanium, and stainless steel. The interior is trimmed with leather while the handsome wood deck is made from teak. Alas, there's no word when the Kormaran prototype will hit market. 


Filed To: Boat Travel, Water Sports Gear, Design and Tech

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