Best Adventure Vehicles: Ford Flex

Minivan Killer

Jan 8, 2010
Outside Magazine
Ford Flex

Ford Flex   

THE BUZZ: Ford pumped up the green factor on this sleek crossover with a new high-efficiency, twin-turbo V-6 engine that delivers V-8 performance with six-cylinder gas mileage. Just for kicks, they also added cool features like automated (hands-free) parallel parking.

THE TEST: This thing rips. On the steep road up to Rocky Mountain National Park, I downshifted the 355-hp engine and sprinted past seven cars, at close to 7,000 feet in elevation, in seconds. Few cars can pull off that maneuver, let alone a seven-passenger wagon like this.

THE VERDICT: A big, comfy cargo vehicle with an extraordinary amount of oomph. From $40,000; mpg, 16 city/22 hwy;

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