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The Right Onesie for Every Winter Occasion

The proper one-pieces for ski slopes, business conferences, and Christmas morning.

The Right Onesie for Every Winter Occasion

From business suits to speedsuits, there's a one-piece for you. Photo: Roberto Caucino/iStock

There was a time when we could all run around in Fred Flintstone footsie pajamas and feel completely at ease. For most of us, those days are long gone. But there are one-piece suits that make sense for adults. So drop your drawers, lose the shirt, and slip into the future of clothing.

The North Face Himalayan Suit ($999)

north face onesie
  Photo: Courtesy of The North Face

Best for: Climbing Ama Dablam

Serious mountaineers ditched seams a long time ago. Constructed with welded baffles and insulated with 800-fill goose down, The North Face’s seam-less Himalayan Suit is built for the world’s most extreme environments.

Airblaster Freedom Suit ($319)

Airblaster onesie
  Photo: Courtesy of Airblaster

Best for: Powder Days

After the great ski suit disaster (a.k.a the 1990s), Airblaster revived the winter onesie with its signature Ninja Suit. The Portland-based company expanded their one-piece options to include the Hoodless Ninja Suit, the Sumo Suit, and its celebrated outerwear garment, the Freedom Suit. The Bright Tye Dye wins colorway of the year. 

Patagonia GORE-TEX Kiting Suit ($699)

patagonia onesie
  Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia

Best for: Kiteboarding Around Icebergs

Patagonia athletes push the limits of what’s possible. To accommodate this, the company’s design team developed the GORE-TEX drysuit. Tested by kiteboarders in Alaska, the one-piece is built with latex gaskets and a stowable hood.

Betabrand Suitsy ($340)

betabrand suitsy onesie
  Photo: Courtesy of Betabrand

Best for: Commuting

The brainchild of San Francisco developer Jesse Herzog, Suitsy is the world’s first business suit onesie. Machine washable, vented, and easily adjustable, the Suitsy offers class, convenience and comfort, according to Herzog. Technically, it’s a shirt connected to pants connected to a jacket. Theoretically, it’s a “revolution."

Selk’bag Original ($159)

selk'bag onesie
  Photo: Courtesy of selk'bag

Best for: Napping

Don’t call it a onesie: Selk’bag bills itself as a sleep-wear system. The handy sleeping-bag-like suit isn’t designed for hardcore cold-weather missions, but is a great option for lounging or falling asleep in your yard.

OnePiece Lillehammer ($169)

OnePiece onesie
  Photo: Courtesy of OnePiece

Best for: Christmas Morning

OnePiece owns the adult onesie market. Their sweat-pant-inspired jumpsuits are comfy, convenient, and, in a footsie pajama sort of way, stylish. They can be worn indoors and out. The many prints offered vary from jungle hide-and-seek (camo) to Fourth of July (American Dream).

Carhartt Duck Coverall Quilt-lined ($140)

carhartt onesie
  Photo: Courtesy of Carhartt

Best for: Putting on Chains

An insulated Carhartt one-piece is the gear you want for all dirty, cold, and wet jobs. This Coverall is made from tough cotton duck and a soft, quilted nylon interior, so you’ll stay warm and dry.

Mons Royale Monsie ($260)

Mons Royale onesie
  Photo: Courtesy of Mons Royale

Best for: Running Around in Your Underwear

New Zealand’s Mons Royale is famous for its merino wool. While definitely not the company’s sexiest underwear, the Monsie is everything a full-body garment should be: comfy, warm, functional—and resistant to body odors.

Spyder Performance GS ($550)

spyder onesie
  Photo: Courtesy of Spyder

Best for: Keeping Pace with Julia Mancuso

Spandex and Lycra have been a staple of the alpine ski race crew since the 1968 Olympics. Since the stretchy fabric’s inception, it’s been used to make aerodynamic full-body speed suits.

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